Saturday, 13 July 2013

As I was working in my 'studio' or 'the middin' - Scottish word for messy place - as my family affectionately call it :) I thought I'd let you have a wee look...

 This is a Triang Stockbrocker but it's not 16th scale, it's an unusual 10th scale so my 16th pieces look a little too wee, and 12th too big - I seem to remember it's a No.32? Can anyone advise?? The three storey Georgian is a house I bought from an elderly lady whose husband made it for her. I have considered getting a new front with new window frames and a larger door but feel guilty about changing it as I feel front 'belongs' to house?? The interior has an Oriental sea-fairing theme as the owner is a retired sea captain and the contents reflect his collection of 'stuff' from around the world, I'll show you the interior later.... Oh and all the wee folk are costume dolls I couldn't resist...
 This is a Julie Bennett double house bought off of Ebay and is slowly being filled with seasidey type things. The soft-sculpture people are shown in another post and are by Margaret Tees.
 One corner of my workroom 'studio' ...strangely and amazingly enough I have a fair idea where everything is the teddies were from my teddy making phase which is still ongoing... and then there's the passion for strange kitschy vintage ornaments ...the little cowboy reminds of my son who loved dressing up when he was and a tiny room-box with bunk-beds for two wee girls (my twin daughters) and lots of toys mostly recovered from toys my children had when they were small from Kinder eggs, Polly Pockets.. .... mummy will look after this as they disappeared into the grass, was eaten by dogs........:)
more books - the box file shop window as shown before on shelf plus more doll and books.....I love books! As I'm an Art teacher I gather so much information for resources to use in school - great excuse - kids love looking at 'stuff' the more there is to look in relation to whatever I'm teaching their wee minds are getting stimulated - hopefully.


  1. Hi Hazel, So wonderful of you to share your middin with everyone! So interesting, I love all the books mixed in with your collections. I was an Art teacher and love books too, the more the better for reference especially. Love your teddies too! Hugs, Jean

    1. Thank you Jean!
      I was a bit hesitant about photographing my space since it's so cluttered but since I love looking at where everyone else creates I figured I should share. Anyway, those were the tidied up areas......:)
      Hugs to you too, Hazel


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