Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Looked for images which matched the duck egg blue..

Added a door handle and was messing with an Open/Closed sign which I'll trim. Next a shop sign, lace curtain for door, letter box and of course a name for shop which to be honest I'm struggling with. I'd like some trailing plants over top too...... I just don't want Easter to whiz by and this not be another unfinished project - I'm looking forward to filling it with goodies!!

The shop colour saga continues....

I've spent the past week looking at the photos of this shop on the blog (and the actual shop of course) and I've decided I didn't like it. Maybe it was too late at night when I re-painted it and was too eager to stick Easter images on - I just wasn't happy. So... here's what I've done now.
A duck-egg blue over-coat, literally over everything as the pasted down pictures wouldn't come off. So a quick sanding of edges did the trick. I also put some Art Nouveau style gold peel-offs on a few areas which I'll tone down with some gold acrylic.

Then I painted outer side walls with apple green white base and used a half-drop repeat brick stencil and duck egg paint to add a brick wall effect. I quite like it now, thankfully!

I also screwed nice gilt hinge onto side (told it was on wrong way but I think it's fine;) and touched up inside frames.
So, happier with this colour scheme now. I'm still going to add a few vintage Easter images which I'll extend with some painting to blend them in but will be more mindful next time of my colours.


Monday, 17 March 2014

Decorated the front of the Easter shop tonight...

and looked out some vintage Easter postcard images, reduced and cut them out and added them to front of shop.
I rubbed some of the lighter top coat away and the turquoise shows through a little. I then freehand drew the panels, and added more images plus some gilding.

It all needs tidying up which I'll do with fine-liner pens but I'm too tired to start - however I'm on a mission to get this done!! Next to do is add door handles, window box (make flowers) and create shop sign, glazing and then I'll add some brick work to the sides.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Bunny Bench.....

I found these little wooden fretwork bunnies, they weren't expensive -twelve bunnies for a couple of pounds, and also a bag of wooden coffee/tea stirrers. So thought I'd rustle up a wee bench for my miniature rabbit family who'll be in and around this shop (more on them shortly)
So having played a bit I set to work gluing it all together - it was easy peasy, talk about getting something from virtually nothing and I've still some bunnies left!
I'll just let it set then paint it!! It was a bit fiddly as it collapsed a few times but perseverance won in the end :)

While the paper was drying....

I looked out a few bits and pieces which I could use in the shop. I'm going to try NOT to buy anything for this project - just use up stuff, make things and utilize what I've already stashed!! Firstly I looked out ribbons, flowers to decorate eggs and the like.

I also found the tiniest Jack Rabbit and Teddy both in boxes I'd bought years ago in Glasgow when Miniatura visited Scotland once a year. They are both made from pipe cleaners and are adorable. However my attempt at pipe cleaner bears can be seen in the background - the monster blue teddy whose nose has headed south.

Easter Shop ....a start

I decided to get this shop finished in time and before Easter! It's a Houseworks kit that I'd painted a bright turquoise (why-can't remember??) so gave it a coat of white apple green and hopefully distress it a little and let the darker shade show through.

I had some crafting papers with this pretty floral print plus a scalloped circular paper which I thought might look good on the floor. I painted the board the light green then scored it to look like floor boards at the edges.
 I also added the paper to the inside of shop front to which I'll add hinges because I don't like the way it slides off and on. I'll add shelves under the window too

Monday, 3 March 2014

A Brooke Tucker roombox made during a workshop.....

I was browsing Art Deco inspired vignettes and came across this room set on the Brook Tucker website
Wonderful isn't it? Her attention to detail and precision to scale was amazing. I believe she has moved onto other things but the company survives and is continuing to create and take workshops.
Back in the mid 90's I was lucky enough to attend a workshop run by her in Birmingham (England) just prior to the Miniatura exhibition. I made a wood-paneled room and boy was it an intensive two days!! I remember I bought a Sid Cook house too and don't know how I managed home with it all on the train - with a suitcase too.
She was amazing, full of stories and such a character. I packed this box away a while back but it's okay, I'll maybe fix the curtains and look out the furniture I had in it. We had to bring our own wallpaper, carpet etc... so it's quite dated, dull even. But all the wood etc...everything was supplied and cut exactly to the millimeter

If I was brave enough I'd re-paper it with some hand-painted scenes - make it more Georgian/Regency inspired, pale lemons and greens - Chinoiserie which might brighten up the woodwork paneling.
But then I'd need to change the carpet - or would I? - I don't want to mess with it too much just change the wallpaper. Maybe it needs a higher fireplace too, new curtains - that pelmet annoys me now too.