Sunday, 19 May 2013

A few more 1920's Art Deco fashions...

Some OOAK 15 inch Doll 1920s fashions I created some time on Galsgalore....


Beulah la Beau an early 20s Vamp... 
A A Foolthere was, and he paid his Coin, 
To a dark-eyed Dame, from Ten-der-loin.
He took her out to a West-Coast-Town, 
Dressed her up in a Form-fit Gown,
Filled her eyes with Bel-la-Don-na, 
And said, ``Now, Kid, for-get your Hon-na, For, Hence-forth, you're a Scar-let Scamp
A reg-u-lar, red-lipped, black-souled Vamp".
She signed his Con-tract, for she was Meek, He made her Fa-mous with-in a Week;
And when I tell you his Pro-fits, you'll
A-gree that, per-haps, he was'nt a F-ool.
 Attributed to Robert E. Sherwood  

Oh and another project..

In another Mini shop, which one day will be an old fashioned Tea Shop, three very thirsty customers made by Margaret Tees, all soft-sculpted - Hercule Poiret, Miss Lemon and a maid/waitress are waiting patiently. I've quite a few of Margaret's dolls - two elderly ladies, a gorgeous little girl, a starving Artist, and Theda Bara as Cleopatra. All have homes or vignettes yet to be completed....;)    

12th scale Boudoir Doll needs tweeking (and dressed)

the crazy quilt needs finishing, my paintings framed, Dolly dressed but at least I finished the mirrored dressing table. I've also to get that deco bed finished, then the boudoir room box  interior - watch film 'Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day' Deco interiors and bedroom to die for!!  Just seem to be full of ideas and have TOO many projects on the go at once. Am I the only one??

So, after nearly 20 years - the 20s shop was made in 1994 - here's what I'm doing now..

Mini cub admiring himself in prototype Barbola mirror..

My first 1920s fashions in miniature,,,,

Here is a Shop frontage made out of a File box containing two miniature fashions from the early 1920s. The elaborate doorway is a chopped up resin picture frame.