Sunday, 19 May 2013

Some OOAK 15 inch Doll 1920s fashions I created some time on Galsgalore....


Beulah la Beau an early 20s Vamp... 
A A Foolthere was, and he paid his Coin, 
To a dark-eyed Dame, from Ten-der-loin.
He took her out to a West-Coast-Town, 
Dressed her up in a Form-fit Gown,
Filled her eyes with Bel-la-Don-na, 
And said, ``Now, Kid, for-get your Hon-na, For, Hence-forth, you're a Scar-let Scamp
A reg-u-lar, red-lipped, black-souled Vamp".
She signed his Con-tract, for she was Meek, He made her Fa-mous with-in a Week;
And when I tell you his Pro-fits, you'll
A-gree that, per-haps, he was'nt a F-ool.
 Attributed to Robert E. Sherwood  

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