Saturday, 28 December 2013

A few miniatures bought at last fair...

A little angel for the tree, a green mini-house base with plants (I've just to make the house) a teeny peg dolly by Veronique Lux, some classic horror novels and blue edged glassware. I also have lots of cranberry glass by this artisan

My Panda...

Well here's my attempt at making my first Panda. As you can see from the photo mine doesn't really resemble the picture on pattern. I've managed to get the eyes too close together and as the white fur has a dark grey base he/she's beginning to look a bit scruffy.
I've still to sew on the ears which will change the expression again, but I'm hopeful of getting this finished tonight, then I'm going to try a smaller bear. Since I've not done much in the way of miniatures lately I'll need to get my hands responding to the smaller scale as right now my fingers feel like shovels :)
I think I should have positioned the eyes over the black parts ..but heho...I suppose I could darken the area with a pen??

My Hug.......

Here are my Bears I've collected over the last 18 or so years.

 The most recent is the Bear Bits articulated Panda  Bear Bits and a Gigi Bear brown/black panda,
  and selection of small dogs mostly bought from charity shops which I love. The begging Terrier was bought at a fair but came without tags or label - shame because it's beautifully made!
a small Beth's Bears traditional miniature bear by Elizabeth Leggat bought around late 1990's
.Elizabeth Leggat Bears
What I would like to do now is make a few miniature bears since I've now got that bear bug going on. I really love the work of Louise Peers and the way she uses miniature props with her tiny bears and I adore the way she dresses them - little knitted intarsia sweater to die for!
I've listed her blog on my blog list - be prepared to be amazed!! Louise Peers

This year I made 'Strawbeary' and I was sorry to see her go.
But she has been adopted I hope she has a good home now.

Towards the end of November our school participated in the yearly Children in Need charity appeal and I made a bear. I've made a few over the years and I think they've done quite well with plenty of raffle ticket books being sold.

This wee RedTed nearly only had one eye as one glass eye launched itself across the classroom as I hurriedly tried to get him finished!!

I did manage to get to a Dollhouse Fair at Ingliston just outside Edinburgh on 3rd November and bought a few bits a pieces, and since I was still in Halloween mode bought a Fantasy Witchy Cottage from Dollshouse Concepts who are a delightful couple and since he had no kits left I got the one that was made up!!
Dollshouse Concept site
The Crooked Witchy House

Well it's been way too long since I last posted here. I've been busy, mostly work - teaching, taking up my time. However we did manage a couple of days away in October. One night in a beautiful Edwardian hotel, Trigony House just outside Dumfries and another night in Jessie Kings house in Kirkcudbright which is now a B&B.bIt was a wonderful night, the owners Colin & Pauline Saul were delightful and the house itself is a treasure trove of antiques and 'stuff'. If you are ever in Kirkcudbright it's a great place to stay!