Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Update on the 1940's house.....

Well after a long-ish break on this blog I've decided to get my semi-detached double-house re-decorated and I'm trying to get a 1940's feel. I've decided on a 'Dad's Army' WWII Home Guard theme. The house on right will house hard working Fred the postman and his wife May (and her boarding Land Girls); the house on the left will belong to Eunice and her clergyman husband who also happens to be the Captain in charge of the Home Guard 'boys'....well that's the plan anyway........

I've wall-papered the right hand house kitchen with pale lemon paper covering up the dark green Victorian style print. Also I didn't want to alter the lovely wood floor so cut a piece of heavy lemon mount board card as a template to slip on top of the original wood. I drew tiles around the edge, strips of narower black card (tiles) finlly adding a 1940's A4 print of linoleum. 

I also added a picture rail at door level height and scored it so I can balance little plates along the edge. The paper isn't entirely stuck down as I might want to peel it off later - plus I'll be placing dresser's and cupboards along the walls so the bubbling won't be seen.

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