Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Welcome to all my new followers.....

I really appreciate your support and I'm flattered that you are following my ramblings.
I'm excited tonight to let you all see my new purchase! I couldn't help buy this gorgeous floral wall hanging from Marianne Cook. Her Etsy shop is full of wonderful floral arrangements which are eye-wateringly beautiful. This is the picture from her shop, Marianne26, as I couldn't get a good enough photo tonight to show the detail of her roses. I found out about her work after reading an article about her on the AIM blog, which I've got on my blog list, plus their magazine (no.50) is now free to download.
I did manage to pop it on my Easter shop door just to see what it looks like and isn't it wonderful?
The lavender sprigs are so tiny it unbelievable. I tried my hand at lavender last year and mine turned out to be of the monster variety:) I have (another) house with a porch and that's where I'm going to put this hanging. The NEXT unfinished project to be completed!!  Marianne has a website and she has lots of beautiful flowers there to view. Thank you Marianne!!!
This other house I'm about to dig out (started again shamefully not finished) will be sort of shabby chic in style, cottage-seaside, creams and lots of pale blues - so I can see me visiting Marianne's shop again. This is a picture of it from a dealer website, it's not my house, which is far from finished! There's a bit of 'kit-bashing' going on too with my house, with the emphasis on bashing!! - I'll post some pictures of it after I've done a bit more to the wee shop before I put it away. Till then, soon ;)

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