Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The shop colour saga continues....

I've spent the past week looking at the photos of this shop on the blog (and the actual shop of course) and I've decided I didn't like it. Maybe it was too late at night when I re-painted it and was too eager to stick Easter images on - I just wasn't happy. So... here's what I've done now.
A duck-egg blue over-coat, literally over everything as the pasted down pictures wouldn't come off. So a quick sanding of edges did the trick. I also put some Art Nouveau style gold peel-offs on a few areas which I'll tone down with some gold acrylic.

Then I painted outer side walls with apple green white base and used a half-drop repeat brick stencil and duck egg paint to add a brick wall effect. I quite like it now, thankfully!

I also screwed nice gilt hinge onto side (told it was on wrong way but I think it's fine;) and touched up inside frames.
So, happier with this colour scheme now. I'm still going to add a few vintage Easter images which I'll extend with some painting to blend them in but will be more mindful next time of my colours.


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