Saturday, 13 July 2013

Progress of my late 1920s sitting room....

 I bought this room-box shell and thought I'd use it as a base for this room, but realised that the base was too shallow for my bright green floral carpet...........
 so to give me height for walls I decided to use floor as back wall, but still didn't have room for carpet....which wasn't really the reason I was making room - room is for showing 20s & 30s minis - but you know how it goes ..ideas change as you go and original idea gets lost. So back on track decided to make a floor base from card, created taller card walls, then printed a wood flooring to cover it. I painted the fireplace in typical 30s colours - magnolia and a soft (Nile) green and attempted to give some tiles a marbled effect. I papered area above the mantel in a soft cream floral print (paper from Jennifer's Printables), added a green dado rail and a green painted card die cut shape to give me a plain area to hang mirrors. I'm going for a mixture of country cottage, some Rococo elements then add a few geometrical Deco bits - I remember my Grans living room when I was small, lots and lots of flowers, in embroidered pictures, tablecloths, on the wall, carpet - a profusion all mixed together. Oh, and tried a more muted carpet but think I prefer the louder green one?

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