Saturday, 13 July 2013

My struggling Artist Claude....

Another Ebay purchase. An attic I'm distressing to make it look like a late 19thC Parisienne artists garret. It still has to get its paper wooden floor added, door fixed (debt collectors bashed it in) plus curtains and other furnishings and Art Nouveau themed images added to exterior walls. I think Claude has a problem with alcohol, definitely whiskey (how he can afford it I don't know) absinthe too - so he paints flowery pictures (which he hates) to pay for his habit . The bottle of Scotch is a real little glass bottle with real Whiskey in it, I think the shop in Ayr still sells these as miniature souvenirs, must check, the two wine bottles behind him is a fridge magnate. I painted the paintings, created the folio and book, stretched the wee boards ready for water-colours, but the easels, paint palette, and paint box are commercially bought - I've yet to attempt these myself.  

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